Advisory Board Members

The Kentucky Consortium for Accountable Health Communities (KC-AHC) Advisory Board advises the UK-CHSR bridge organization on strategic direction and priorities by comprehensively examining the existing strengths of our network, and identifying challenges and threats to successful implementation. This group serves an integral role in aligning community resources and driving the processes of implementation, gap analysis, and quality improvement.


Whitney Allen
Kentucky Primary Care Association

Jared Arnett
Shaping Our Appalachian Region

William (Mace) Baker
Kentucky Homeplace

Allen Brenzel
Kentucky Department for Behavioral Health

Matt Brown
Addiction Recovery Care

Dennis Chaney
Barren River District Health Department

Nancy Crewe
Madison County Health Department

Sandi Curd
KY Highlands Investment Corporation

Alison F. Davis
UK, Deptartment of Agriculture

Fran Feltner
Kentucky Homeplace

Amanda Fryman
Appalachian Regional Healthcare

Lisa Galloway

Nancy Galvagni
Kentucky Hospital Association

Christie L. Green
Cumberland Valley District Health Department

Jill Hunter
KY Department for Medicaid Services

Davey King
Kentucky Housing Corporation

Morgan Kirk

Audrianna Lawrence
White House Clinics

Jing Li
UK Center for Health Services Research

Gil Liu
Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services

Scott Lockard
Kentucky River District Health Department

Roger McCann
Community Action KY

Mike Miller
Kentucky River (ADD)

Edwin Orange
Addiction Recovery Care

Vaughn Payne
Aetna Better Health of Kentucky

Rebecca Rains
Knox County Health Department

Kayla Rose
Kentucky Primary Care Association

Douglas Scutchfield
UK College of Public Health and Medicine

Eric Sexton
Barren River (ADD)

Howard Shaps

Hilary Surratt
UK Center for Health Services Research

Peter Thurman

Connie White
Department of Public Health

Annie T. Williams
Appalachian Regional Healthcare

Mark Williams
UK Center for Health Services Research