Community Needs Assessments

Reviewing and summarizing existing community needs assessments represents one component of the KC-AHC environmental scan effort. The main objective for this environmental scan is to capture, integrate, and share relevant information on priorities, resources, and potential gaps in our participating communities, in order to facilitate informed decision-making among stakeholders on quality improvement opportunities and program investments and planning.

The KC-AHC team aimed to understand local context and community capacity, and assess if any selected priorities in CHNAs are associated with the KC-AHC health-related social needs (food, housing, utilities, transportation, safety, and family and community support).  Each county’s top priorities fell into one of four categories:

  • Behavioral Health, including substance abuse

  • Education and Outreach (healthy living, physical activity, etc.)

  • Chronic Disease Prevention Management (obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc.)

  • Medical Services Access