Community Resources

The Kentucky Consortium for Accountable Health Communities is required to develop and maintain a community resource inventory (CRI) of community service providers that can address the health-related social needs in the domains of food, housing, utilities, transportation, safety, and family and community support. The CRI includes information like the providers’ contact information, hours of operation, eligibility criteria, and availability.

KC-AHC has developed the Community Asset Registry For the Empowerment of Kentucky (CARE KY) as an open-resource, web-based platform that can be used to search for over 1,000 free or reduced-cost programs to connect the residents of our 27 counties in Appalachia to the resources they need. If you find something we may have missed, contact or submit a Program or Contact submission.

CARE KY is now also available for all iOS devices on the Apple App Store and all Android devices on the Google Play Store. These mobile applications do not require any internet connection and are able to search our entire asset registry anywhere.

View CARE KY on the iOS App Store